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Due of the secondary orange’s role in making the orange seedless, it is crucial. Farmers had to utilise methods like cutting and grafting to continue growing the tree because these fruits lack seeds. Thus, every navel orange can be regarded as a byproduct of that one tree that was planted more than 200 years ago! The Navel Orange is the best orange for eating out of hand and stands alone in this regard. If you’re prepared to share, the Navel Orange makes excellent orange juice and is neither excessively tart nor sweet. It can also be easily divided and shared with friends.

The orange is the fruit of the Rutaceae family’s citrus species Citrus sinensis. Due to its sweet fruit, orange trees are commonly planted in tropical and subtropical areas. Orange tree fruit can be consumed fresh or processed to get the juice or fragrant peel.

One tree that was planted in Brazil in 1820 gave rise to the Navel Orange. Due to a mutation on this tree, each orange produced was actually two oranges. The Navel Orange gets its name from the second orange that grows at the bottom of the fruit, opposite the stem, and has a faint resemblance to the human navel


Navel oranges are a must-have for every fruit lover due to their absence of seeds, easily peeled skin, and beautifully juicy flesh that is overflowing with citrus flavour. One fruit whose flavour is finest while it ripens on the tree is the orange. For you to receive it at its best, The Fruit Company ripens the entire citrus tree. Peel that orange as soon as it arrives and eat it, please.

Sweet, juicy, and seedless oranges that are considered the finest eating variety.
 Pallet Dimensions / M 1*1.2
No of Pallets / Container 20

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package type OPEN TOP CARTONtelescopic cartoon
weight 15 kgs Net7.5 kgs Net 15 kgs Net7.5 kgs Net
No of carton/pallet6513080154
No of ballet / Container20202020
Timecalender lemon1calender lemon17xm.xyz830880calender lemon1calender lemon17xm.xyz830880calender lemon1calender lemon1calender lemon1calender lemon1calender lemon17xm.xyz830880
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