One of the most significant crops grown in Egypt is the potato, which is used for processing, export, and domestic consumption. With an average yield of 10.5 tonnes per acre, the 212,000 acres of land used for potato cultivation produced roughly 2.2 million tonnes.

It is well known that Egyptian potatoes are harvested when many other nations’ harvests have already ended. They are also renowned for their ability to withstand extreme heat and cold when stored in clay or sand oil, and they are generally free of diseases and epidemics, especially those that have an adverse effect on human health.

The Spunta, Cara, Lady rousetta, Nicola, and Diamonti potato cultivars are the most well-known in Egypt.

Specifications and details :

Product Name : Egyptian Potatoes

Varity : All Epyptian kind of Potatoes

Table potatoes (spunta , Dimond ,Cara , Nicola)

Industry potatoes (Hermes, Rosetta )
Sizes 40 UP 

packaging information

package typeMesh BagJumbo Bag
weight15 kgs Net25 kgs Net1200 kgs Net
Time7xm.xyz6496947xm.xyz6496947xm.xyz6496947xm.xyz6496947xm.xyz6496947xm.xyz649694calender lemon1calender lemon1calender lemon1calender lemon1calender lemon1calender lemon 2
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