Iceberg lettuce

The variety of lettuce affects its nutritional value. Generally speaking, lettuce contains trace amounts of fat, a little protein, some carbs, and modest amounts of nutritional fibre. The nutritional content and flavour of iceberg lettuce are relatively poor. Water is the nutrient that iceberg lettuce has the most of.
Egyptian Iceberg Lettuce, which is sold to other countries in high quality, is also known as Salad and Cpucha.

Product: Fresh Lettuce
Origin :Egypt
Sizes: 9 to 12 pieces per carton
Color: Green and Red piece.
Weight: 650 Gm – 1 Kg Available.
Packaging & 40 ft reefer Container capacity
20 pallets x 85 cartons = 1700 Cartons
Also shipment by air with any quantity from 1 ton
Packaging: 7 Kg / carton
Shipping: Sea & Air shipment

Iceberg lettuce
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